Herbal cure for HIV in Nigeria

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Herbal medicine use among HIV positive people in Nigeria is widespread, poorly recorded and often precedes ART initiation. Contamination with antiretrovirals is possible and concerning, particularly in untreated people, say the authors of a study of herbal medicine presented at CROI 2016.

Nigeria has an estimated HIV positive population of 3.3 million, making up almost 10% of the global HIV burden.

Analysis of this research by iBase has it thus;
Out of 138 herbal samples, three (2%) from two cities (Jos and Ibadan) contained measurable antiretrovirals. Tenofovir (0.2 ng/mg powder) and FTC (0.0065 ng/mg powder) were detected in one sample from Jos. Two samples from Ibandan also contained tenofovir (0.2 and 1.6 ng/mg powder) and FTC (0.123 and 0.00049 ng/mg powder), and one of these also contained 3TC (0.25ng/mg powder).

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Herbal cure for hiv in Nigeria

Please be very careful of those requesting for money online and promising you a cure for HIV/Aids... Most of them are fraudster with ability to brief you with a clean queens English...

It's best to visit the nearest Government or private hospital in your locality to test and get your anti retro-viral drugs which will keep you much longer and healthier.
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