Learn How to Maintain Your Natural Hair

The human hair is known to be one of the most defining characteristics of mammals. Its only natural today that our attitude towards our hair varies and is affected by our cultures, history and belief system. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person from his or her hairstyle. As such, individuals usually give great attention to caring for their hair.

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Maintaining Natural hair

How to Maintain your Natural hair

Usually, natural hair is a term that describes hair that has not be tampered with using chemicals, irons, hot combs for relaxing, perming or straightening purposes. The term itself is gotten from the Afro textured hair term used to describe various populations  in Africa.

Would you love to learn how to maintain your natural hair? Maybe your tired of fixing for now, why not try your natural hair out?
These few steps will help guide you to achieving great goals with your natural hair
  • Wash your hair normally, using a shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry lightly with a towel and Add oil.
  • Its advisable to plait or twist the hair while adding the setting lotion.
  • Remove the plaits or twists. ...
  • Either wear a cap at night or re-plait to maintain the style.
These steps will  surely you grow and main your natural hair.

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Also Note:

  • The most common mistake people make with their hair is using too much hair products. Most of these products are not authentic and they end up making our hair look greasy (e.g using a ton of some styling product). When this happens, one resorts to washing the hair too frequently thereby causing it to dry out. Before you buy a product (natural or commercially produced), take the time to research its ingredients and reviews
  • Use more natural products for your hair, example: water, glycerine, butter, oil etc.
  • Be sure to Air dry (natural)  your hair regularly

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