7 Tips To Get Healthy Lungs

Having healthy lungs is everyone's dream. The lungs are one of the organs that have a vital function in supporting life. For that condition must be maintained in order to stay healthy and strong. Some bad habits can damage the lungs. Here are tips you can do to get healthy lungs and strong:

1. Doing exercise
The better cardiorespiratory fitness, it will be easier for the lungs to keep the heart and muscles that supply oxygen. Besides regular exercise is very important and helpful for people with chronic lung disease

2. Do not smoke any kind
Dr. Edelman said there is no safe limit when a person smokes, and the more often he smoked the risk of becomes damaged lungs will be even greater. It is not only limited to cigarettes, but also includes a cigar or marijuana can harm the lungs.

3. Keeping the air clean
Clean air will reduce the risk of lung exposed to foreign objects from the outside that could damage it. Therefore, avoid the use of motor vehicles and stop burning wood or trash. Wary of the threat of air pollution from the environment.

4. Eating the right foods
There is evidence that a diet rich in antioxidants is a good source for the lungs. All the vegetables nice, but green leafy vegetables have lots of antioxidants and has a protective effect. This source should come from food rather than supplements.

5. Using personal protective equipment while working
Many jobs that put workers at risk for lung problems, such as construction workers to hairdressers. For that wear personal protective equipment such as a mask to suit the type of work that may hinder the entry of particles into the body.

6. Using safe products
Some household products often emit particles or gases that are harmful to the lungs. Try to avoid oil-based products, products that release volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds / VOCs), avoiding the use of ammonia and read labels carefully.

7. Improving indoor air
The air in the room can also affect the health of the lungs, such as carpets were not clean, room fresheners with hazardous chemicals, excessive use of candles or a building construction. For that provide good ventilation for the room and cut resources that affect the lungs.
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